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" Pathways has seen me through a very uncertain period of my life… "
Client Stories - Anonymous
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Anonymous story

I arrived at Pathways, Ramsgate, in December 2016 and any concerns I might have had about going there were very soon dispelled by the very warm welcome that I received from staff. I immediately felt at home, which helped me to settle in very quickly.

My first room was at the top of the building but after a month or so, Simone very kindly moved me to the best room in the Project which has a balcony and overlooks the sea and the harbour. Here, I was able to indulge myself in watching shipping, which is one of my many hobbies.

Throughout the year, staff were a great help to me and were always there to answer any questions. In March, my wife died and although we had been apart for just over two years, we were still married and this came as a shock to me. Again, I must express my gratitude for the support and advice from staff; they helped me through a very low point in my life and I shall never forget that.

I knew that sooner or later, I would have to move on – more change – but, again, staff came to my rescue. I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do after Pathways, but Simone showed me Kent Homechoice and led me through the procedure to apply for housing. She also completed Housing Benefit forms for me and that was greatly appreciated.

I must also offer my grateful thanks to staff for helping me to move last week. Again, without their help, I would still be moving now! I must also give them special thanks for helping me to buy carpets and furniture etc. Thank you, also, to Pathways for the £300.00 assistance; that was an unexpected surprise!

Pathways has seen me through a very uncertain period of my life and I believe that your help has helped me to move on and start the next chapter. Thank you all very much.

I hope anybody who goes to Pathways realises how lucky they are.

I hope I can keep in touch and take this opportunity to wish all of you Good Wishes for Christmas and The New Year.