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" I have received the care and support from Pathways charity that has greatly helped me… "
Client Stories - Anonymous
Pathways client

Anonymous story

I thank you Pathways to Independence.

I am writing to all the staff that have helped support and guide me in the rebuilding of my life, since entering accommodation at Pathways to Independence beyond homelessness charity.

My experience since the beginning of my tenancy has been one of growth and progress in all aspects of support and help received, especially from my support worker at the supported accommodation where I came to be a resident during 2016.

I am very thankful and appreciate the stability in accommodation that Pathways to Independence have provided. Which has given me the platform to actually work toward goals, to progress forward in a healthy and positive direction in my life.

After some two decades of living in a broken state which included long periods of homelessness and substance misuse, I have received the care and support from Pathways charity that has greatly helped me to arrive at a new life destination.

The support I feel has actually been provided on a basis of my personal individual needs, and has been applied by people whom demonstrate real life insight and many years of experience, to apply a genuine caring approach to vulnerable people with support needs.

Since the beginning of my residency with Pathways housing charity, I have been given a variety of different life skills training and self improvement course opportunities, to attend as part of the services provided.

I personally have gained good insight and learned from the courses that I chose to attend, the skills of which I am now applying in my daily life.

Alongside regular key-worker meetings, I have received help and assistance in DWP benefits applications where applicable, also advice registering with a medical practice, including dental and hospital appointments assistance. All of which for me have been essential in helping to gain the stability, to help in working towards becoming independent.

What is strongly evident to me is that for those who genuinely desire the opportunity to gain a new start in life, establishing a stable platform to work from. Is that Pathways genuinely offer through the dedication of the charity staff working alongside the residents, such an opportunity.

Through which I have received full support in establishing a positive new beginning in my life. It is with appreciation and thankfulness that I write this testimonial.