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" The staff here have been amazing since I arrived, they are always available when needed… "
Client Stories - James
Pathways client

James' story

My name is James* I am 42 years old, I have a brother and sister, mother and father whom I have no contact with at this time. I was born in Sevenoaks and moved to Thanet at the age of 17 after leaving school with no qualifications due to missing school by having surgery on my knee.

I have gone through my life going from one job to another and never settling at anything, also with no real ambition to do anything other than drink and party. By the age of 39 I had been put in prison with no friends or family for support, whilst in prison I took advantage of everything that was offered including counselling, behaviour work and education. I was released in December 2016 and moved to a hostel where I got used to being free, the hostel made a referral to pathways and I moved in to my flat in February 2017.

The staff here have been amazing since I arrived, they are always available when needed, easy to talk to and give the place a really relaxed atmosphere it will be hard to move on when the time comes. At this time I am undertaking a degree with the Open University in Environmental studies with the hope of progressing to PhD level in Ecophysiology.

In the future I hope to work with animals especially rodents as they are my biggest passion and I don’t mind where as I have been looking for jobs throughout the world.

*name has been changed.