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" But despite being an alcoholic he still managed to hold down jobs… "
Client Stories - Tom
Pathways client

Tom's story

Tom is still on his journey with Pathways. He joined us at the beginning of this year after nearly dying from alcohol poisoning. This was not the first time he had been in hospital close to death and he had previously been through 12 hospital detox programmes. This time something was different; he wanted to succeed.

Drinking Problem…
Tom drank from the age of 13; to make things go away and sometimes to give himself some confidence, he found it helped in his job as a door to door salesman. His drinking became more of a problem at the age of 26 when his Dad died, but despite being an alcoholic he still managed to hold down jobs which enabled him to pay for his alcohol. At the height of his drinking Tom was consuming at least 2 litres of vodka and 4 cans of strong beer a day, whatever he could get hold of.

He remembers very little of the last 23 years, but he was violent towards men and that got him into trouble with the Police from time to time. His Mum felt unable to remain in contact with him and by the end of last year he was living in shared accommodation with other alcoholics.

This year his New Year celebrations resulted in a spell in hospital, then detox, he realised he couldn’t go back to his previous home with other alcoholics, so he was referred to Pathways. Tom now has a key worker and a team of supporters who are helping him. He works with several of our partner agencies on a regular basis to help stay off the alcohol and remain healthy.

And Now…
Tom now volunteers every week in a timber yard and has got back in touch with his Mum. He spends most of his evenings and weekends helping at a local sports club. Tom has made a very positive start, ultimately he would like to get back into employment and find himself a home.

“Pathways have helped turn my life around. My Key Workers are always there if they are needed and they are part of a team towards my recovery.”