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Special projects

At Pathways we run a number of additional projects for our clients. Our aim with these projects is that our clients are using their time in a meaningful way and gaining life skills or skills for employment through their participation. It is also an opportunity for them to get to know others and occasionally we celebrate success with events such as barbecues or themed cooking evenings.

Gardening project

Several of our accommodation projects have large gardens and we are also lucky enough to have an allotment in Medway; so we have developed a programme for our residents to learn about gardening and how to grow their own fruit and vegetables when they eventually have their own home. All produce grown on our allotment is made freely available to our clients so that they can eat more healthily. As well as learning growing for fun some of our clients are able to undertake a gardening qualification which will help them when looking for a job.

Cookery club

Cooking is an essential skill for our clients to learn; aside from the health benefits, it is very difficult to make a limited income stretch to ready meals or takeaways every day. We teach our clients how to cook cheap, healthy meals that can be made in bulk and frozen. We know that there are lots of employment opportunities in the food industry, so for those clients that are interested there is an opportunity to study basic food hygiene and further catering qualifications.

Anger management sessions

Residents can refer themselves to work with an anger management coach on a 1-2-1 basis.

Counselling sessions

Pathways’ counsellors can help our residents who may be struggling with personal, emotional, or mental health difficulties.

Mediation services

Pathways, in partnership with Medway Mediation, can provide a mediator to help residents resolve family conflicts.